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Texas "only" full service Military Armorer & Gunsmith

Welcome to my home for some of the finest M-14, M1A's, M1's & bolt action rifles
I hope you enjoy your visit & will return to see future updates as they're added.
I enjoy working on these rifles & hopefully it shows in the photo's posted on my website.
If you're a customer, the final product you get from me will provide proof of the detail in craftsmanship.
I've built precision sniper rifles for the Border Patrol, local, state & federal law enforcement agencies around the country.
I build standard & match grade rifles & as a high power shooter in the master class, I know what guys need, to make each shot count.
Please feel free to ask questions if you have the need & I'll answer as quickly as I can.



Now you'll see how things are done the right way. Some tools of the trade such as a Mill & Lathe, are a must when building rifles, along with hand tools and, you'll see some of them here. Some of the other guys who claim to be experts, don't have a Mill or Lathe to do the work. I'll show you what the other guys don't want you to see. After seeing some of these photos, you'll question the other guys about how they do the work on your rifle. You'll be very surprised and quite possibly shocked, at what you find out. If you don't see shop photo's on other websites, you have to wonder why. Maybe they don't want you to see how "they do the work". I'll let the following photo's speak for themselves and you be the judge. 



Attention to Details