m1 garand


This is where you'll see some nice M1 Garand rifles I built for customers. 
Even the notorious M1 Garand T26 tanker in different variations of wood. 
You'll see many different variations of the M1 in original & custom form.
If you need rifle work done or want to build an M1 Garand rifle, you're in the right place.
I can also re-barrel, refinish, re-stock, or upgrade your rifle just about any way you want it.


I'm NOT currently doing the M-14 mag conversion or M1 tanker conversions.





Custom and Match Grade Rifles










Standard Grade Full Size Rifles







Standard and Custom M1 Tanker Rifles











Here's what one customer said about a M1 tanker I built for him.

Tim, I just got my M1 Garand back, that you converted to a tanker model. I went to the shooting range yesterday to shoot it. I fired 150 rounds thru it without any problems at all. It functioned perfectly, and was so much fun to shoot. Next time I'll take 200-300 rounds of ammo. You did a great job building it and I'll be getting another one soon. I was so glad to finally find someone who knows how to build a M1 tanker. Many thanks, Patrick







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