M-14 M1A
TEXAS M1A is at the bottom

Here you'll see some of the M-14/M1A rifles I built for some of my customers. 
Some are a one of a kind and others are standard or match grade rifles. 
It's always interesting to see what kind of ideas other folks have when they want a rifle built.
If you need rifle work done or want to build a M-14/M1A rifle, you're in the right place.
I can also re-barrel, refinish, re-stock, or upgrade your rifle just about any way you want it.



Smith Enterprise M-14 Full Auto Rifle










Custom and Match Grade Rifles












Standard Grade Full Size Rifles
















Standard & Custom Bush, Scout Rifles










Modular Stocks
Full Size & Compact Rifles










Custom Parts & Accessories














The "original" Springfield Armory M1A National Match Rifle #000001




The above 2 barrel markings are original & correct


The above 2 barrel markings are fakes






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